TriplePlay floor controller

TriplePlay floor controller
Control the TriplePlay Application
Use the FC-1 to control your TriplePlay Windows or Mac application.  Change patches, connect an expression pedal, sustain, loop and hold with the TriplePlay factory and user patches, or reprogram the buttons to send custom MIDI information.
Control External Sound Modules or Keyboards
With the FC-1, you can now use TriplePlay to plug directly into an external MIDI sound module or keyboard, without a computer attached!  Simply remove the USB receiver from your Mac or PC and insert it into the TriplePlay FC-1 Controller’s USB host port. The incoming MIDI data is then passed wirelessly from the guitar to the conventional 5-Pin Din output for use with any MIDI-equipped hardware.

Programmable foot switches and expression pedal input
Three programmable switches default to patch selection, hold, tuner access, and TriplePlay sensitivity settings, with the added ability to program each to send a separate MIDI CC as a momentary or latched controller. An additional programmable expression pedal input allows you to control volume or any other MIDI CC as well!

Programmable Hardware Presets
A large graphic LCD displays the currently loaded hardware synth patch.  All the hardware patches are stored on the controller and can be programmed with the TriplePlay software so you can load the exact sound you need immediately!

Large, easy-to-read graphic LCD, displays Patch name and number
Built-in tuner
TriplePlay battery level indication
Plug & play USB class compliant (no driver required)
5-Pin Din MIDI In/Out
1/4" Expression Pedal input
Relay-controlled 1/4 inch Guitar Audio In/Out
Mac/Win utility for MIDI CC foot switch assignment
3 programmable foot switches for patch up and down plus hold (sustain)
9-Volt AC adapter and USB cable included
MIDI: Input, Output
AUDIO: 1/4" Guitar Input and Output (relay-switched)
CONTROLS: (3) Footswitches (programable)
(1) Expression pedal input (programable)
USB: Host for TriplePlay USB Receiver (not included) Micro-USB for computer data
DISPLAY: 192 mm x 64 mm backlit graphic LCD
MATERIAL: Durable composite and metal
WEIGHT: 1.35 lbs (0.61 kg)
DIMENSIONS: 2.4" H x 9.3" W x 5.4" D
(60.5mm) x (236.7 mm) x (135.9 mm)
POWER: 9-Volt power adapter and USB cable included
TriplePlay floor controller
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Price: $209.95