Mike Johnston 2451 Hickory

Mike Johnston 2451 Hickory
MikesLesson.com Educator Mike Johnston's 2451 is a great all-around design that can be used in any musical style. It has a grip size between a 5A and 5B with a gradual taper to a barrel tip for ride cymbal definition. The gradual taper gives the model a fantastic and quick feel around the kit.

The 2451 model is available in both Hickory and Sugar Maple. The Sugar Maple version is perfect for lower volume and lesson room type settings, while the Hickory version is the right choice for live and harder hitting performance settings.

"The 2451 is the stick I have dreamed about my whole career. This stick feels amazing in my hand and even better on the kit!" –Mike Johnston
Length-16" | 40.64cm
Grip-0.580" | 1.47cm
Mike Johnston 2451 Hickory
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Price: $8.75