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The Ashdown CTM-15 tube bass amplifier head is all about big tone in a tiny package that's perfect for recording. Plug your bass into the passive ECC83-driven preamp and dial in just the right amount of growl, and Dual EL84 power tubes will deliver 15 surprisingly loud watts to your favorite bass speaker cabinet. With the CTM-15, low wattage doesn't mean the amp is quiet, it just means it's easier to get that glorious tube saturation. It's bold enough for smaller gigs, and you'll be able to conjure epic tone in your studio with the Ashdown CTM-15 tube bass amp head.

Low power, not low volume

Lays down a few bass lines through the Ashdown CTM-15 tube amp, and you won't be the first to wonder "Wow, is that really only 15 watts?" It's loud and proud, and the lower wattage means you can overdrive the CTM-15 easier. So whether you like fat clean tones or growling, overdriven bass, the CTM-15 has you covered.

Find the sweet spot fast with the VU meter display

The CTM-15's analog VU meter isn't a vintage-style triviality, it gives you an accurate display of your power amp's output. Tube amps always have their own sweet spot where they sound their best, and the CTM-15's VU meter helps you find it every time.

Seriously, it's ready to perform - gig bag included

With 4- and 8-ohm speaker outputs, the CTM-15 is ready to plug into your bass cab and rock. The CTM 15 even comes with a gig bag, just so you know it's ready for your next session.

Ashdown CTM-15 Tube Bass Amplifier Head


    15-watt tube bass amp head with 4- and 8-ohm outputs
    Perfect for smaller gigs and recording studios
    Two EL84 power amp tubes provide amazing volume, punch, and impact
    VU meter accurately displays output power
    Low wattage makes it easy to saturate the tubes for aggressive tone
    Gig bag included


    • Power Output (RMS) 15 Watt
    • Speaker Outputs 2 x Jack Outputs
    • Pre-Amp Tubes 1 x ECC83
    • Output Tubes 2 x EL84
    • H x W x D (mm) 140 x 235 x 155
    • Weight (kg) 5
  • MSRP $699.99