From studio production to live performance, Eurorack-based modular synthesis has exploded in popularity around the world. For portability, protection, and usability, a quality case and power supply is an essential part of every modular synth rig. With the SYR-E84, Roland introduces its first Eurorack case, which integrates a durable, lightweight design and a super-clean power supply with high capacity for today’s power-hungry modules. The SYR-E84 fits AIRA modular electronic instruments such as the SYSTEM-1m, BITRAZER, DEMORA, TORCIDO, SCOOPER, and SYSTEM-500, as well as standard Eurorack modules from other manufacturers.

Featuring a rugged black aluminum enclosure and wood side panels, the SYR-E84 offers top-level looks and performance for modular synth starters and seasoned pros alike. Specially designed for modular instruments, the high-capacity DC supply provides stable, low-noise power that meets Roland’s discriminating quality standards, delivering clean and reliable operation you can count on. The versatile case can be used in flat, angled, or vertical positions to meet any working situation, and offers easy stacking capabilities for expanding your setup in the future.

84HP Eurorack case with rugged aluminum construction and wood side panels
Modules can be securely mounted to the M3 bar nut and the included flying male bus cable
Includes a super-clean 2000 mA power supply designed especially for modular synths and effects
Stackable design and included screws allow two SYR-E84 cases to be joined together when a larger setup is required
Slant on the bottom corner of the case allows for angled positioning
Portable size and weight with a protective cover for travel
Case cover can be attached to the back with a latch to provide extra stability
Overcurrent protection to safeguard users and modules from hazardous currents
*Please check the specifications of modules by other manufacturers and ensure that the total current consumption of the connected modules does not exceed the allowable current amount of SYR-E84.
Please call store for availability
Price: $399.99