HR624 MK2

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HR624 MK2
High Resolution Active Studio Monitor

The HR624 MK2 Studio Monitors are high- resolution, two-way, bi-amplified, active monitors employing a 6th-order Butterworth system with a built-in rear-firing mass-loaded passive radiator. Whew! There are many benefits to integrating an active crossover, power amplifiers, and drivers into a single cabinet, and we’ve taken full advantage of these benefits in the design of the HR624 MK2.


  • The crossover point is designed so that the high- and low-frequency drivers are fed only the frequencies they are best able to reproduce.
  • The amplifiers are designed to provide maximum acoustic output from the speakers, yet minimize the danger of speaker damage due to overdriving.
  • In addition, the amplifier's gain and frequency responses are individually hand-trimmed to compensate for typical manufacturing tolerances between the drivers and produce a smooth frequency response from 45 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • The connecting wires between the amplifier outputs and the drivers are kept to an absolute minimum, so the damping factor of the amplifier isn’t compromised by the resistance of long speaker cables.
  • The acoustic sum of the outputs from the two drivers are optimized electronically, as well as physically, so the amplitude response is unity and the phase difference is minimal.
  • In short, all the complex interconnected components in the system are designed to work in harmony with each other to produce the best possible sound.
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